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It Does Happen Here

History teaches us that when Hitler designed the concentration camps, he was inspired by how the United States rounded up groups of Native Americans onto reservations.

Don’t believe the lie that it can’t happen here. We are the here other countries worry about.

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Remember the disabled people killed by Nazis.

Remember the Black people killed by Nazis.

Remember the Polish citizens, the homosexuals, the Roma & Sinti, and the Jehovah’s Witnesses killed by Nazis.

Remember and resist.

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Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017

It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. Anti-Semite and publisher of Holocaust denial propaganda Steve Bannon gets to walk into the Oval Office every day and advise your racist president on how to prevent Muslim refugees from entering the United States. 

Some of you have literally said this is why you voted for Trump. You are so full of hate and fear that you would rather people die than accommodate refugees.

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If You Voted For Trump, You Don’t Care About Me

I said it months ago, trying to prevent this day from happening. I’ll say it declaratively now; if you voted for Trump, you don’t care about me.

Some of you have made this more clear than others. I have family that never called after the car accident. We had friends that abandoned us when money got tight.

This last year though. Man… I didn’t think people could still disappoint me this much.

You don’t care about me.

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Imma Let You Finish Meryl, But…

The most annoying thing that’s come out of Meryl Streep’s nearly perfect speech is the amount of abled people who are suddenly experts on disabled people. So here’s a quick primer:

1. Disabled people are capable, even powerfully so, to speak for ourselves.

2. Abled parents of disabled children are not more knowledgeable than actual disabled people.

3. Please stop giving us cutesy euphemisms. We are disabled. We are not handicapped, handicapable, special, special needs, invalids, wheelchair bound, or differently abled.

4. His name is Serge Kovaleski. He is a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist for The New York Times.

5. You should be offended by someone mocking a disabled person. You should also be offended by racism against Mexicans and Black people, Islamophobia, and sexual assault.

6. While you’re at it, be offended that Donald Trump was sued 8 times for ADA violations. Be offended that hotels regularly misrepresent their ADA compliance, leaving disabled guests unable to access their shower or transfer from their wheelchair to their bed. Be offended when voting sites have “just one step” or no chairs for people to sit in while they wait.

Be offended at no closed captioning, no image descriptions, no Braille. Be offended when concerts and plays use strobe effects without warning. Before the show isn’t good enough either, before the point of sale.

Be offended by 4 year waiting periods for Social Security Disability Insurance applications. Be offended that 30% of disabled Americans live in poverty.

Be offended that ears, eyes, and teeth aren’t covered by health insurance. Be offended by disabled people needing to crowd-fund mobility devices, surgeries, and basic living expenses. Be offended by co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles.

Be offended that my friends, my family, and I are either treated as political footballs or we’re not thought of at all.

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